The Cyprus Dialogue Forum is a non-formal dialogue that aims to support and complement the formal peace process in Cyprus. It is for the first time in the history of Cyprus' conflict that a safe space for broad based participation and knowledge sharing has been created to act as an accompanying change mechanism to the formal peace process. In their founding joint statement the members of the Forum declared that 'through joint reflection and consensus building we believe this dialogue will address issues related to the Cyprus problem, by focusing and strengthening the flow of information between the wider society and the leaderships'. In The Forum, the organisations work together to support change through the creation of joint visions, options and consensus building instruments; through the development of common understandings and shared knowledge resources.
On the 12th March 2015, the member organisations publicly announced the creation of the Cyprus Dialogue Forum in a Common Declaration. The Forum currently consists of more than 100 organisations including Political Parties, Trade Unions, Business and Professional Associations and Non-Governmental Organisations from the two communities.  

Vision & Objectives

  • To support and complement the formal negotiations negotiations and all political efforts to reach a mutually agreed federal solution, by creating options and submitting suggestions to the negotiation process.
  • To create public awareness, acknowledge and incorporate the inputs of the wider public and help to prepare both communities for a solution.
  • To create common understandings, multi-perspectivity, shared vision of the future and build a culture of co-existence To create a space for citizens to raise and address issues that are not included in the formal political process

Values & Principles

  • To create a Safe space for Dialogue which upholds the values of Respect and Tolerance, Trust, Pluralism, Freedom of Speech and Transparency.
  • To work in the Spirit of Consensus where consensus presupposes understanding and respect for different points of view, including disagreement and implies mutual accommodation on the basis of which agreement can emerge by a sincere process of adjustment among participants in the true spirit of dialogue.