Structure & Single Text

The Cyprus Dialogue Forum is established on two main pillars: the Dialogue and the Support Structure. The Dialogue Structure composes of the Plenary, Segments and Task Groups. The Support structure composes of the Implementing Committee and the Secretariat.

The Plenary

The Plenary is the ultimate body of the Cyprus Dialogue Forum and is composed of representatives of all Segments of the Forum. The Plenary's mandate is to review options generated by Task Groups, single-text documents and make decisions by consensus.

The Segments

The Segments consist of Political Parties, Trade Unions, Business & Professional Associations and NGOs. They are the consensus-building and deadlock-breaking mechanisms of the Cyprus Dialogue Forum. They review and revise options generated by Task Groups, resolve deadlocks and build consensus on options generated.

The Task Groups

The Task Groups are cross-segment groups that discuss agenda items with the purpose of generating options.

The Implementing Committee

The Implementing Committee's role is to implement and coordinate the work of the Forum. It comprises of two elected representatives from each Segment of the Forum and discusses issues of management, funding and procedures of the Forum in general.


The Single-Text document was jointly created and agreed upon by all participating organisations of the Forum over a period of 12 months. It is the core documents that defines the structures and management of the Forum as well as its principles, values and objectives. For all participating organisations and all prospective organisations, the Single-Text is a binding consensus document that promotes the values and principles on which the dialogue rests. The Single Text document represents more than simply the creation of the statute of the Forum. It adopts an approach to dialogue on the basis that outcomes are only viable and sustainable when dialogue involves mutual accommodation through a sincere process of adjustment, understanding and respect for different points of view.