Political Task Group

The Political Task Group is a thematic committee of the Cyprus Dialogue Forum. It is a dialogue among mandated representatives from Political Parties, from the two communities focuses on contributing to the dialogue on the new political system being negotiated at the formal track.

The Political Task Group seeks to add to the political dialogue by developing common understandings and options for the sustainability of a solution. It aims to contribute to the overall peace process by developing common understandings on the principles of a solution, options for deadlocked issues or issues of disagreement, as well as options for mechanisms to help break deadlocks and build consensus. The Task Group has created a safe space where the dialogue works towards the development of common understandings that go beyond emerging commonalities, allowing for a deeper reflection on areas of concern and divergence as well. The efforts of the Task Group do not aim to replace the formal process but to act in a complementary manner to contribute and support the efforts to reach a solution to the Cyprus problem.